Nursing Informatics Is A Positive Step For Nursing

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What’s different? A lot. No doubt we nurses have realized that we can have access to more clinical data than ever before, and although that’s a benefit, it also comes with more responsibility. In order to utilize this wealth properly, a nurse had to become familiar with new tools that will help him/her access and interpret data quickly and, most important, accurately. These new tools are coming from information technology that’s being built and implemented by caregivers. As a nurse, as you embrace technology you will find out why and how data management has been important to health care system. Data management is an important tool for problem solving in all areas relating to health. With easy access to this data, stored all in one…show more content…
I also believe there will always be changes and updates in the use of the computer like software updates; these could pose challenges to nurses in the delivery of healthcare. Even though i got a pretty good score, it does not make me to loose focus on the areas that i feel am not competent enough to work on, example in the area of troubleshooting, power presentation, website designing, portfolios where i need to improve. I will continue to find ways of improving my computer literacy as I move along in my carrier as a nurse so i can deliver an optimum care to my patient. I would like to be up to date with changes in nursing informatics to enhance my knowledge in technology. I would like to be more competent in using computers even though I feel confident at this point in using computer. In order to achieve this i will need help either from my co-workers or those at the top who are well experience in the use of technology. I will not hesitate to ask questions where i think that i need help. Learning is a continues process particularly this era of technology that trends in new ways every now and then. If i can boost of one thing it is the Electronic medication record system. I can say i am good in charting client’s care in the electronic medication record. I have used it during my clinical experience and it was for me a good
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