Nursing Informatics

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Module 1

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|Health 1 |
|Electronic Literature Search |
|Professional Growth 1 |
|Nursing Informatics as Competency |
|Self and Others 1 |
|Reverie Journaling & Blogging |
|Nursing Practice 1 |
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Print out a minimum of five literature citations related to your chosen topic.

4. Access one of these citations, either by finding it in a book or journal in the library, or a resource accessible online.

In Reflection
1. How useful were the citations you gathered during your electronic literature search?

2. How will using electronic literature searches facilitate your:

a) scholarly work?
b) Nursing work?
c) personal self-development?

3. Would owning a personal computer benefit your studies and future practice? Why?

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1. B Professional Growth 1

Nursing Informatics as Competency

“Nursing Informatics (NI) is the application of computer science and information science to nursing. NI promotes the generation, management and processing of relevant data in order to use information and

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