Nursing Informatics

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Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics Introduction Healthcare provision has with time evolved from using conventional to more advanced and technological methods. The entire process from admission of patients to their ultimate discharge has ameliorated, leading to the acquisition of quality health care. Moreover, this notion has been achieved greatly with the help of nursing practitioners, who through their knowledge and experience in nursing informatics have transformed health management. According to the ANA (American Nursing Association), nursing information is a sub-division of health informatics integrating technological advanced to complement the skills and work of nursing practitioners. Nursing Informatics desegregates applications from information and nursing science and computer technology. Through the disciplines functional areas, nursing informatics heightens overall quality of nursing efficiency and practice by incorporating effectual communication and documentation (ANA, 2008). Nursing informatics is can be differentiated from other health informatics by the various functional areas it administers practice. These functional areas are Administration, Leadership and Management; Analysis; Compliance and Integrity Management; Consultation; Coordination, Facilitation and Integration; Development; Educational and Professional Development; Policy Development and Advocacy and Research and Evaluation (ANA, 2008). During my interview, it was vivid that the

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