Nursing Informatics

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Computerized Management Systems Increase in Quality of Care
Computerized management systems or electronic medical records can work to increase the quality of care in several ways. One way being that because medical record data is all computerized, there is a significant improvement in the legibility and translation of the health information therefore resulting in fewer errors and miscommunications. Other benefits to an electronic medical record is that it aids in increasing accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency overall. Computerizing medical records is a safer and more convenient way to store, review, track, and analyze data on any given patient versus paper charting. It also cuts down on loss, cost and clutter. Therefore, because of all
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While the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules are not specific in detail, they establish the national standards that each facility must adhere to in order to protect a patient and their personal health information. These standards include establishing a set of administrative, physical as well as technical safeguards to ensure protection (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ). The rule states that a facility needs to establish policies and procedures in regards to security management and personnel, information access management and control, workforce management and training, periodic evaluation and assessments of standards, as well as the proper “transfer, removal, disposal, and re-use of electronic media.” Ways to adhere to these standards are by setting up and protecting personal access controls such as usernames and passwords, ensuring that all data is encrypted, running audit reports frequently to ensure that only the clinicians involved in the patients care are accessing the records, and educating the staff to perform proper “log-outs” or ‘sign-offs” from the system once they are finished. There is also, as with any computer system, a risk of potential loss of data or files so developing and implementing a system for data storage, backup and recovery are essential. These methods too, need to be HIPAA compliant. The basic

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