Nursing Informatics: Telecommunications in Healthcare

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Nursing Informatics: Telecommunications in Healthcare Name Professor Institution Course Date Nursing Informatics: Telecommunications in Healthcare Abstract Telecommunications in healthcare sector refers to the adoption and integration of relevant communication systems such as telephone, internet, laptops, and other networking concepts in the improvement of services to the patients. This method is vital in enhancing the accessibility of the remote areas through provision of quality services, implementation of technology, emotional support, and interactive or educative environment. In this research paper, the focus will be on the description of telecommunications, advantages, disadvantages, and significance of the concepts and technologies in the health sector. The paper will also project the fate of these technologies in the next five years. Description of Telecommunications in an in-patient hospital setting Modern society continues to adopt and integrate relevant mechanisms towards the improvement of healthcare services to the patients and entire universe. Telecommunication is also essential in the provision of services and products to the individuals living in the remote areas thus facilitating transfer of information between the medical practitioners and patients. Adoption and application of telecommunication technologies in the medical or healthcare are essential in the expansion of the service delivery. This process does not require the patient to travel or
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