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“Telenursing : Today and Tomorrow” Abstract Tele-nursing has been around for a long time, but now a days it requires more demanding and more practicing diversely in nursing. The reason is that it is saving a cost of care, helping the shortage of nurses, reducing distances and travel time, keeping patients out of hospital and expending in coverage of healthcare to distance. The growth of aged population and the increase of chronic disease have aggravated the problem and the challenges have demanded a review of the way care services are traditionally provided. The practice of telenursing can contribute to disparity of care, a…show more content…
Appropriate and supportive service for clients should be made to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this service for users of mental health services. In the UK, nurses and medical staffs have been used mobile phone technology to monitor patients with chronic disease. A significant proportion of the UK population owns a mobile phone, and it has been used by improving communication with hospital or community services. A Norwegian study reported the findings of a mobile and wireless system that it improved communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Mobile phone has the benefits of assisting nurses with the distance monitoring of patients, more research is needed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness. In telenursing, it is the nurse’s responsibility to speak directly to a patient when giving instructions or responding to a patient’s phone message. Many risks may be encountered with telenursing, and these risks include misunderstanding, incomplete documentation, and muti-state practice issues. It is necessary for the patient to repeat your instructions, by doing this, it ensures understanding. Seeking clarification and avoiding assumptions are important skills to develop with telephone communications. Nurses should practice telenursing with standardized, written protocols that provide guidance in how to advice patients, documenting communication, and

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