Nursing Interventions For Patients With Psychological Issues

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It was one of those typical clinical days. I went to the hospital ready and eager to meet my patient. While I was doing the necessary clinical prepwork, I learned my patient had gone to the emergency room for an acute episode of left-sided chest pain which radiated to her back, a productive cough, confusion, and chills she had had for more than five days. Her past medical history includes multiple psych diagnoses such as: bipolar disorder, depressive disorder, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and cannabis abuse. When I learned about her psych diagnoses I was a little bit apprehensive about what my patient’s attitude would be on my patient care day. Would she be in the manic phase or the depressive phase of her bipolar disorder? To help ease my worries, and to better prepare for my patient, the night before the clinical day, I read about nursing interventions for patients with psychological issues. For the sake of anonymity, let us call her “Miss X.” She is a homeless woman who lives in a car with her adult son. They both rely on her monthly Social Security Income of approximately $788. She has a history of noncompliance, and had left the hospital Against Medical Advice (AMA) within the past month, before her current admission. On my patient care day, Miss X was extremely emotional. When I was with her, the physician came and informed her she was going to be discharged that day, and Miss X acquiesced to the doctor’s plan. When the physician left the room, I sensed she was not
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