Nursing Interview Paper

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For this assignment, I was required to interview one of my professors, including questions that were specific to this assignment as well as questions that I wanted answers for. I chose to interview Professor Amy Edmison, my Adult Health 2 professor because I found out during lecture that she, like myself, had a passion for mentoring. Nursing is a very diverse career and has the potential to produce various trends and issues within the discipline; there are guidelines for all aspects of nursing from bedside nursing to research. These trends and issues can vary depending on what area of nursing one wants to focus upon. Overall, I believe that a few people are honored enough to touch many different aspects of nursing. Evidence based practice…show more content…
This includes screenings, vaccines, and regular health exams. Insurance companies are assisting nursing with this trend and pushing clients to take advantage of free or discounted services prior to developing a disease process, while potentially saving the insurance companies thousands of dollars. However, the involvement of the insurance companies is driving what can be done for patients in the hospitals. There are patients that need additional scans, bloodwork, or other diagnostics prior to making an accurate diagnosis and insurance companies refuse to cover the costs of these tests because they have certain criteria that must be met prior to having additional testing. The government is involved more in health care via insurance companies and other routes. This trend could potentially cause a delay in diagnosis which causes a delay in treatment. This creates more issues, just as it helps other issues. The number of patients that are being declined for diagnostics or a simple admission to the hospital are rising…show more content…
With everything that is trending in the current years, two topics that are seen frequently are prosecution of drug dependent mothers, and the ever-hot topic, abortion. Others that are less debated at the current time would be, medical marijuana availability and use, assisted euthanasia, denial of insurance coverage to a patient that continues to live a lifestyle in a high risk, and the availability and administration of Narcan to the laypersons for drug overdoses. Some of these topics are more argumentative than others are due to the media portrayal and news reports bringing public awareness to the
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