Nursing Involvement Of Reducing Hospital Readmissions

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Nursing Involvement In Reducing Hospital Readmissions Melody Loong Azusa Pacific University Nursing Involvement In Reducing Hospital Readmissions Introduction: In a world of budget cut and layoffs, medical corporations face new and different challenges in addition to helping and healing patients. I used to work as a medical biller in a physician’s office for five years and I experienced how difficult for the health care providers to get reimbursed. The government and the insurance companies have been limiting the budget towards the health care services. This action also affects the hospitals greatly because Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and some policymakers have requested the hospitals to reduce the…show more content…
Lacking of knowledge can lead patient refuse treatment including life style changes, diagnostic tests and medications. Studies show nurses play a very important rule of teaching the patients; especially improve patient’s knowledge about the medications (Bradley et al., 2012). Nurses are responsible to educate the patient about the purpose of every medication and their side effects. It is also necessary to tell them some alterations to the medication list (Bradley et al., 2012). The purpose of teaching the patient is to help them understand how the medications benefit them. In this way, they will become more compliant. In addition, it is important for the patients to know how the medications work. For example, they need to hold the some blood pressure pill if they have low blood pressure. There is another example shows nurses successfully improve patient’s condition through medication education. The study by Van Camp et al. (2012) investigated how nurse-led education and counseling enhance medications adherence in chronic dialysis patients. The medication is called phosphate binder that prevents the patient from absorbing phosphate in the food. The study showed “the mean adherence group increased from 83% to 94%, phosphate values decreased from 4.9 to 4.3 mg/dl and the knowledge of the medications increased by twenty percent” (Van
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