Nursing Is A Highly Respected Career

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Registered Nursing is a highly respected career. Many people want to become nurses but are turned off when they find out how hard it is to become one. Nursing is a very competitive practice. Not many people that go through the classes to get into nursing school are accepted because of the competition in the nursing program. Registered nurses are paid depending on how educated and experienced they are and many people don’t have to time or money to get a higher degree in order to get a higher salary. Nurses are also very important to healthcare. Registered nurses educate their patients about their health conditions so that they can recover with a better understanding of their medical situations.
Florence Nightingale holds a legacy for the start of registered nursing. She holds this legacy because she reduced the death count of citizens and soldiers by two-thirds due to improving the unsanitary conditions in a British hospital during the Crimean War. “…who tirelessly devoted her life to preventing disease and ensuring safe and compassionate treatment for the poor and the suffering” (Florence Nightingale Biography). This quote shows how she is known for her devotion to her patients. The gender and the way nurses dress has also changed dramatically over the years. The nursing uniform has changed over the past few decades. Also a lot more men have been interested in becoming nurses, which was not usual back in the day. “Instead of wearing nurse’s caps…a tribute to nuns who were
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