Nursing Is A Profession In Which My Love For Science And

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Nursing is a profession in which my love for science and health meet my love for people. One of my favorite things about this field is there is no one specific role a nurse plays. A nurse is a caregiver, an educator, and an advocate for the patient. As a nurse I will have the opportunity to play many parts in a health care setting and I look forward to filling that integral role. The first time I heard about a nurse’s career was at a Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) conference in middle school. The thought of impacting a life so deeply greatly interested me. After watching footage from inside a NICU on a television program, I realized at the age of thirteen that I would strive to become one of those nurses I saw caring…show more content…
As a nurse, I will get to be that happy face that my patients will see and I will seize every opportunity to brighten their day. Growing up as a military kid and having to move to a new state every few years has helped shape who I am as a person. As a child I had to adapt to new schools, states, and people as we moved and I’ll be able to carry that skill of adaptability into my career as a nurse. Nurses never quite know what to expect when walking in to work. Every patient is unique and no two cases are exactly alike. I will enjoy working in an environment that is ever-changing and never stagnant. One of my favorite things to do in my free-time is read about the latest innovations or new discoveries in nutrition and medicine. I love that this field will never “get old” even 40 years down the road. With new diseases being discovered all the time and new technologies and techniques being employed, I know there will always be more for me to learn about and become better at in the field. Another aspect of nursing that I will genuinely enjoy is patient education. In school, I have always been the first to help my friends if they were struggling in a course. I take delight in teaching others the class material and seeing them succeed. With nursing, I will be able to do the same with my patients. I look forward to enlightening patients on their condition and treatment options, and helping them succeed once they’re released. Since moving so much as a

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