Nursing Is A Profession Requiring Intelligence And Compassion

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Nursing In my opinion, nursing is a profession requiring intelligence and compassion. It also requires the ability of applying psychology to the care of patients otherwise the results could be catastrophic. The degree and consistency of care that nurses give to their patients can both lead to a speedy and successfully recover or it can facilitate a tranquil death. I believe that nursing is a medical profession which deals closely with the care of patients and goes hand in hand with other medical professionals like physician, pharmacists, radiologists, physical therapists, dentists, etc. The American Nurses Association (2003) in its Nursing Social Policy Statement emphasizes the fact that nurses give care to sick people. In other words, nurses are care givers. Nurses also administer drugs prescribed by physicians and other health care providers. They too spend a lot of time with the patients and they are responsible for keeping an accurate and organized report about the patients’ medical condition and history. Looking back at my nursing experience, I recognize that my professional motivations and obligations to my patients, is guided by a personal philosophy that reflects my core values. I joined the nursing profession to provide compassionate care to those suffering the debilitating effects of illnesses. During my first patient care experience; working within a perinatologist’s office mostly among pregnant women from poor socioeconomic backgrounds; I embraced fairness,

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