Nursing Is Not Just A Career Choice

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Nursing was not just a career choice to Virginia Henderson; it was her life and her passion. She made many contributions which affected nursing in a positive way. She dedicated many years to learning, studying, and teaching about nursing, which was only the beginning of her influence on the profession. She developed her own definition of nursing, she participated in nursing research projects, and she wrote and edited many texts that are still used to today in nursing education. To further the significant impact she had on the nursing profession, she aided in its distinction from other professions and clarified the basic roles of nurses. Unquestionably, Virginia Henderson played an immense role in influencing nursing to be the distinguished profession it is today. One of the criteria of a profession is a lengthy and demanding educational preparation. In other words, in order for nursing to be classified as a profession, there must be challenging educational courses associated with entrance into the profession. Virginia Henderson agreed with this concept and contributed a great deal in affecting nursing education (Tomey, 2002). In 1924, she began teaching at the Norfolk Protestant Hospital in Virginia, where she was the first and only teacher in the school of nursing. Years later, she returned to New York and furthered her education by completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Teacher’s College. For the next sixteen years of her life, she taught at Teacher’s College and
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