Nursing Is Not Only A Career Change For Me

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University of San Francisco 09 September 2015 Nursing is not only a career change for me, but also a lifetime opportunity and extension of my healthcare, education and experience. Even though the steps along the way have been challenging and different to get to this point of my life, every situation, whether good or bad, has been rewarding, and it has also been a learning opportunity. Because of my past, I like who I am today. I am an immigrant and my parents live in Eritrea, a small country in Africa, while I came to the United States back in the 1990s at age 18 as a student, in pursuit of the American Dream. As a family, we didn 't have much growing up and struggled at times to make ends meet. I was raised by a single mother due to a war, my father was gone. My mother wanted me to get an education and live the life that she never had. Since I lived in a poor country, I couldn 't help myself but work hard and support my family at age 12. She pushed for me to go to the USA to go school to become educated. I was very blessed to have found a sponsor to bring me to the United States. Once I arrived in Chicago, I was on my own. I didn’t speak English, I understood the English alphabets but couldn’t not read or speak English words. I attended ESL class regularly. I have overcome the challenges of being away from home, with nobody to help me start with life and without speaking the language and with no money. Even though, there were challenges of learning English and making

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