Nursing Leadership

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The Formation of Restoring Quality Care Nursing professionals are the principal embodiment amongst the healthcare team, indicating that nursing services play an integral part in the productivity of the clinical environment and predominately determines the satisfaction level of the patients being cared for (Gabi, Kontodimopoulos, & Niakas, 2013). More importantly, lack of productively by healthcare workers care can contribute towards the quality of care services provided if nursing staff are lacking support, poor morale, substandard leadership, and inadequate communication (Gabi, Kontodimopoulos, & Niakas, 2013). Furthermore, how can leadership entice employees in…show more content…
For instance, Jean Watson’s emphasized that creating a caring atmosphere built on the caritas processes encompasses noted elements such as love, kindness, creativity, trust, respect, let alone honor, promotes positive results for both patients and staff (Norman, Rossillo, & Skelton, 2016). Watson’s lessons introduced holistic care methods that not only dealt with one’s physical needs but one’s mind and focal existence. To clarify, an interrelated work environment among team players is vital in facilitating good communication, respectful relationships, including a harmonious relationship between the whole interdisciplinary team (Blosky, & Spegman, 2016). Watson’s human needs model strived on the involvement of four elements which were vital in the care of a human being by the same token, the caritas process, transpersonal caring, caring moments, and care healing modalities
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