Nursing Leadership: Performance Management and Patient Care

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There are a few different ways that performance management studies affect patient care outcomes. Warburg (2006) outlines a couple of them. One way is that performance management studies highlight the need for measurement as a central part of performance management. Studies illustrate how the different aspects of performance management link with patient outcomes. This assists health care managers in designing the best performance management systems for their organizations. The way a performance management system is designed has a high degree of influence over patient outcomes. Therefore, it is valuable for managers to know what types of performance management systems exist, where they are best applied, what the expected outcomes of implementing such systems might be and what the risks associated with these systems might be. All of these different factors are covered in the studies around performance management systems in health care.

2. Quality control processes have both a direct and indirect impact on good patient outcomes. Many quality control processes relate directly to patient outcomes for example processes that aim to reduce medication or treatment errors. Such processes prevent things from happening that would directly and adversely affect the patient.

Other processes have a more indirect effect on patient outcomes. The processes ensure that quality management occurs throughout the organization, and overall not only does this prevent specific…
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