Essay on Nursing Leadership Strategies

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LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES The ability to promote structure, safety, and positive environments for both patients and colleagues alike are unique characteristics to quality leadership. Those same traits are essential to possess to have a cohesive interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers. There are various strategies that a nurse can employ to foster the collaboration of a particular team. The most influential strategy is the use of active communication, more specifically assertive communication. This type of communication is considered the healthiest because it is free from any bias. The nurse who is an assertive communicator values the whole picture as opposed to only one small piece of the equation. This approach takes into…show more content…
Combining both assertive communication and collaborative conflict management are strategies that each professional nurse should strive to foster in one another. ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT A nurse should be actively involved with an interdisciplinary team because it allows her to be in a leadership role in which she can encourage a caring and motivated atmosphere. To put it simply, a happy environment cultivates happy people and vice versa. When an environment is influenced positively by a strong nurse leader, it will generate more satisfied staff. When staff feels cared about and respected by their leader, they are more empowered and motivated (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). CONTRIBUTING POSITION One of the most influential ways a nurse can be an active leader is through mentorship (Cherry & Jacob, 2011). A mentor helps new nurses through the many transitions they will encounter. The mentor guides a new nurse both emotionally and clinically. New nurses need to develop relationships which will be their foundation for future skills as communicators and leaders. Furthermore, nurses rely on mentorship to enhance their clinical skills and critical thinking. Besides mentorship, it is valuable for a nurse leader to participate on committees. A shared leadership committee, also known as a clinical practice council CPC is composed of staff nurses from each discipline, educators, directors, and managers. A CPC promotes a professional
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