Nursing Leadership Style Analysis

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The recognition approach of leadership style has been used by many leaders and managers. In very competitive world as today, leaders are looking for ways for the employee to be more engaged, increase productivity, better retention of, decrease turnover and absenteeism. As we all know increase turnover is very expensive, costly to the organization. Retaining your best performer employee is very critical to the success of the company. Being appreciated is a fundamental human need. Everybody wants to be praised, valued and recognized by their superior or even by co-worker for achieving the goals of the team , for a great job done , or even helping coworker to finish his /her job. It boost the self esteem of the employee and become…show more content…
Working in the ICU is a very intense, stressful job. Saving the lives of preterm babies and sick newborn is a big responsibility. I remember when we had a new nurse manager that does not recognize the efforts of the nursing staff working . The moral of the staff was so low , they feel that they are not valued. There was a point that the employee turnover was so high, nurses who worked in the unit for 15-20 years decided to resigned. The management had to hire traveler nurses, which are more expensive. Nursing staff does not have any motivation or inspiration to go to work or do extra work to help the unit when we were short staff. As Kouzer and Posner mentioned in their book Encouraging the Heart “There really is nothing more encouraging than to see our leaders practice what they preach”. (Kouzer and Posner, 1999) Recognizing your subordinates like a simple “Thank You” or a tap on the back for a good job is enough for an individual to be motivated and inspire to do more the next time he/she comes to work. A simple cup of coffee from the manager as a gesture of recognition is well appreciated . A well recognized employees have more motivation and determination, better work relationships, improved personal standing, and stronger connection to the
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