Nursing Legislation

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Legislative Issue Faced by Nursing The web site I found that discusses this critical issue is by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (AACN). This is an outstanding website that discusses the current and projected issues regarding the nursing shortage. The article identifies sobering figures of projected shortages up to the year 2020. By 2010, the nursing shortage is projected to be 12%, by 2015 to be 20% and by 2020 a frightening 29%. (AACN). If society and our political leaders do not recognize this as a topic of huge impact, then we, collectively, do not have a chance to change the trend. The driving forces for the trend are not extraordinary; they reflect our…show more content…
The unfortunate part is that the strategies are not well publicized and this is a negative for nurses. We, as professionals, need to be better informed. I read as much as possible in professional magazines, but apparently, that is not enough, as I did not know of the existence of some of the strategies named above. Nurses who deliver patient care, who are living the shortage, need to know what is being done to help them deliver the care they believe patients deserve. It is likely that individual institutions do not readily inform of strategies that they are participating in to recruit nurses. I did not know that my employer helps fund the local nursing schools such that the nurses may choose to work at the hospital where I am employed. That is an important piece of a puzzle, as nurses notoriously do not like to help student nurses as they slow the process. If the staff knew that these nurses are potential colleagues, perhaps they would treat the students with a bit more interest and compassion. In addition, the media needs to be on board with informing of strategies in progress to help restore the health care system to one of quality as opposed to focusing on errors. The only positive health care information I have seen on television lately is the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the wonderful advancements and care they deliver. Health care in
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