Nursing Liability

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Nursing Liability Introduction For nurses, the emergency room is considered to be one the most stressful environments. This is because they are exposed to patients coming in who are experiencing small issues such as the common cold. While at other times, they have to work with someone that is in serious condition (often unconscious). These extremes mean that there are tremendous amounts of liability and stress inside the emergency room. To fully understand what is taking place there will be a focus on potential issues, one that is the most pressing and legal cases surrounding this area. Together, these elements will provide the greatest insights as to the challenges that emergency room nurses are dealing with. (Buettner, 2009) Describe the potential nursing liability issues present in this setting. (Emergency Room) In an emergency room setting there are a number of challenges that will be impacting nurses. The most notable include: extended working hours, increasing patient loads and obtaining consent. These issues are problematic, as they will contribute directly to nurses becoming overworked. In a health care environment this can lead to burnout. (Rogers, 2004) (Clark, 1998) In the case of obtaining consent, this is challenging because a certain number of people coming into the emergency room could be unconscious or unable to communicate. Under the various procedures, all medical practitioners have to obtain consent from the patient before engaging in any kind of
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