Nursing Management Of A Patient Who I Have Looked After During My Placement

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In this essay, I aim to evaluate the nursing management of a patient who I have looked after during my placement. The setting is High Dependency Unit and the study is based on single day of my placement. I will be using a pseudonym to refer my patient to protect her identity and respect her confidentiality according to code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives (2008). Full consent was obtained from the patient to conduct this study. Dorothy Smith is a 77 years old lady who had burned her left foot from hot water bottle while she was sleeping two weeks ago. She had undergone left mid foot amputation two days ago and she was newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Also during the period I met her, she was…show more content…
Besides handover, an initial assessment is carried out to treat and identify any life threatening problems, concentrating on level of consciousness, airway, breathing and circulation. Based on the assessment, the main issues are determined and patient care was prioritised. With my patient, Mrs Smith, I performed initial assessment using ABCDE approach. ABCDE approach is highly accepted systemic approach which focuses on the most life threatening clinical problems (Thim et al, 2012). The results on Mrs Smith were her airway was patent, breathing bilaterally on her own, cardiovascularly stable, fully alert and in terms of exposure, she had one arterial line, two peripheral cannula and an indwelling urinary catheter. Based on handover and initial assessment, the main problems identified on Mrs Smith were management of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, care of her amputated wound and pain management. The nursing management for Mrs Smith was based on managing these problems, monitoring vital signs and preventing any risks associated with her conditions. Type 2 diabetes Mrs Smith was newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and she had recently undergone mid foot amputation as a treatment for gangrene caused by burn. Management of diabetes has pivotal role on her wound healing since unmanaged diabetes delays the wound healing process (Harker, 2006). Management of diabetes involve regular blood glucose
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