Nursing Management

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Evidence-Based Practice Model in Nursing Management Evidence-Based Practice Model in Nursing Management Introduction Leadership and management play a major role in the provision of good services in health care organizations. Good models are required in the health organizations to help in transfer of information effectively to improve communication. Provision of good and high quality assured healthcare is one of the most important goals of the health care systems. Several models have been introduced to improve nursing services. TQM, Total Quality Management, is a model used in the improvement of quality of services and better management of hospitals. TQM philosophy emphasizes on the general management of health care provisions in organizations rather than individuals. Evidence based practice is a major model commonly used in many hospital settings. It uses a body of information and merges it with another to get credible information that can be used in future. The Lowa model of evidenced based practice (EBP) acts as guidance to clinicians and nurses in making decisions while practicing, as it encourages them to work in groups. This model encourages questioning of data related to a problem or body of knowledge so as to make improvements, and this triggers a new quest for evidence in practice if the problem is a priority. The model is widely applied due to its ease of use. The model provides a very organized structure that makes it easy for health care teams to operate
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