Nursing Management Philosophy

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Nursing Management Philosophy Paper Laura Lindsey NURS_435 Lake Superior State University My Philosophy When developing a nursing leadership philosophy I must first look at why I want to become a nurse leader and reflect my philosophy upon my decisions to become a nurse leader. There are many reasons I want to be a nurse leader, but I am going only look at a few of those reasons. I always think there is room for improvement in nursing. When I say nursing, I am talking about all four of constructs of nursing (person, environment, health, and nursing) of the meta-paradigm. I want to be a leader in nursing because as a nurse leader I have the ability to help others get better, physically, emotionally, and mentally.…show more content…
Thus they are stuck at level four and will not be able to move forward. Health is related not only to physical illness but mental and spiritual illness as well. It can be the absence or present of an illness. Health is what the nursing construct identifies and improves. Nurse leaders help an individual with maintaining a well develop construct of themselves. The staff member must be willing to adapt to better their patient care. Roy (2010) “… concept of health is related to the concept of adaptation and the idea that adaptive responses promote integrity,” (p.173). In the nursing meta-paradigm, I have nursing left to discuss. Nursing does not have to be necessarily a “nurse” helping a “patient.” Nursing is when any one person or group helps another individual get better.. The nurse is there to help the patient learn about their illness and educate them so they can make educated decisions about their own care. According to King (2010) the nurse’s goal is to recover health and to preserve individual’s health (p. 150). Nurses are the advocates for the patient; they must have respect for the patient, and keep the patient safe. Potter and Perry (2009) the ANA Code of Ethics for nursing states that the nurse is there to “….. promote, advocate, and strive to protect the health, safety and right of the patient,” (p.315). It is not the nurse’s job to judge the patient. The nurse is only there to assess and educate the patient. In the end the patient should gain enough education
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