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Topic Chosen: The area I have chosen for improving within my practice is prescribing of hypnotics in the management of insomnia.
I feel that patients, especially elderly people, who are on sleeping tablets/ hypnotics/ Schedule-8 drugs for a long period of time, put pressure on general practitioners for initiation or continuation of these drugs and therefore I want to reduce this rate besides improving management of this condition as a whole as it is a very common presentation
Insomnia is defined as “A disturbance of normal sleep patterns in which a person faces difficulty in going to sleep (sleep onset latency) and / or continuing sleep (sleep maintenance)".(1)
Statistics: "Australian statistic and research show that about 13%–33% of the Australian adult population find difficulty in either getting to sleep or …show more content…

The same tables would be utilized again after carrying out measure to manage insomnia, in order to track the actual effectiveness of the overall treatment. “See Appendix D” (9)
Practice guidelines for management of Insomnia:
Guidelines for management are available. Written material of guidelines are given to nurse and fellow colleagues, website links are attached in their web pages and the audit diary has been made available to them on their desktop so that they can open all the required stuff for audit through just one click.
National Prescribing services have set guidelines to manage insomnia based on its causes. “See Appendix E” It refers to various treatment options available. (4)
• Good sleep hygiene
• CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to be conducted by clinical psychologists, including stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction therapy relaxation training, paradoxical intention and

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