Nursing Management and Leadership Style

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Nursing Management Introduction The nurse that I chose to interview and write about received a Bachelor's degree in nursing science approximately ten years ago as well as attended many ongoing training events since her graduation. She is certified as a Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and manages the emergency department in a private healthcare facility that employees over fifty people in the division. Generally her schedule consists of the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday however is subject to change based on emergency situations or when she has to fill in for employee absences. Her duties include managing the emergency department and makes sure everything flows smoothly and a large part of her day involves administrative tasks. However, during an emergency or a period in which the ER is short staffed she also has to step in and provide clinical duties. She mentioned that she enjoyed spending time with the patients and missed regular clinical duties and that managing nurses was often more difficult that managing patient care. The nurse said the leadership style that inspired her the most was servant leadership and she tries to incorporate this in her leadership duties as much as possible. Leadership Style The servant leadership model is a model that seems to be growing in popularity. The concept of servant leadership was originally introduced by Robert Greenleafe in the 1970's and was later adopted up by many famous leadership writers such as Stephen Covey (Greenleafe
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