Nursing Manager Interview

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The Nurse Manager
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The Nurse Manager
Responsibilities of nurse manager
Nurse mangers is the leader of a specific department or unit of a healthcare facility. The nurse manager is responsible for recruitment and retention of the nursing staff, collaborating with other health care providers on patient care, and assisting patients and their families when needed. The nurse manager works with administration communicating and interpreting the facility’s policies and procedures to the staff. Usually with other departments in the facility, the nurse managers develop quality improvement measures tracking the patient services and care. According to Espinoza et al (2009), the nurse manager plays a pivotal role in
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During an interview with a nurse manager I asked her the following questions:

Identified and described the role of nursing in the healthcare delivery system?
“Nurses are more than caregivers in today’s healthcare settings. They are teachers, advocates and pioneers in improving healthcare. They are stepping out of the old model and taking ownership for changes in healthcare. Nurses are developing their own scientific research programs to improve patient care. They are playing a pivotal role in healthcare reform. Nurses are becoming leaders, not followers in healthcare reform.”
How do you deal with cost containment?
“Since we are a small unit composed of mostly RNs, I sit down with my staff and we go over the budget together. It gives the staff a sense of proprietorship. This way I feel we are sharing the responsibilities and it helps them to understand why we cannot afford a piece of equipment at this time. I can usually depend on someone to think out of the box. Once we went “dumpster diving” for office supplies as one employee suggested. It is actually the hospital’s warehouse for materials nobody wanted. We savaged enough office supplies for the year and was able to purchase a high cost item the unit needed. Plus it was a team building effort.”
The nursing manager I interviewed was one of the best people I have worked for. It was a pleasure to go work each day. She encouraged
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