Nursing Manager Role Essay

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Nurse Manager Role


The aim of this paper is to discuss the advanced practice nurse manger role. Discussion will ensue regarding the nurse manager role: historical development; original and current educational preparation requirements; licensing, certification, continuing education, value requirements, skill requirements, options in the employment setting; issues of concern; and future projections. Based on the informed understanding of the nurse manager role new insights, personal strengths, and personal challenges that are envisioned for a nurse assimilating to this role will be provided.

Leadership is an integral part of nursing. Grossman and Valiga suggest
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Leadership is implicit in the code of ethics in provisions six through nine (Fowler, 2008, p. 143). This code was tentatively adopted in 1926 through 1940 from the “Nightingale Pledge”, which was written in 1893 by Lystra Gretter (Fowler, 2008, p.xiii). The code of ethics for nurses was unanimously accepted by the ANA house of delegates in 1950 (Fowler, 2008, p. xvi). ANA’s code of ethics for nurses provision six discusses that the nurse participates in establishing, maintaining and improving healthcare environments, as well as, quality of health care that is consistent with values of the profession (Fowler, 2008, p. 143). ANA’s code of ethics provision seven discusses that the nurse participates in advancement of the profession through contributions to practice which may be through administration (Fowler, 2008, p. 143). Provision eight continues to discuss about the nurse promoting community and politically to meet society’s health needs (Fowler, 2008, p. 143). Finally in provision nine ANA states that the nurse is involved in associations and is responsible for shaping social policy (Fowler, 2008, p. 143). The notion of autonomy appears in the code of ethics for nurses in 1976 (Fowler, 2008, p. xvi). These all implicitly describe the nurse as a leader in health care agencies, community, and nationally.
ANA’s social policy statement originated in 1980 and relates the practice of professional nursing as it has

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