Nursing MedSurg Lewis Ch. 16 - Cancer

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1. The nurse is caring for a patient suffering from anorexia secondary to chemotherapy. Which strategy would be most appropriate for the nurse to use to increase the patient's nutritional intake? A. Serve three large meals per day plus snacks between each meal. B. Add items such as skim milk powder, cheese, honey, or peanut butter to selected foods. C. Increase intake of liquids at mealtime to stimulate the appetite. D. Avoid the use of liquid protein supplements to encourage eating at mealtime. 2. The patient is receiving an IV vesicant chemotherapy drug. The nurse notices swelling and redness at the site. What should the nurse do first? A. Call the ordering health care provider. B. Ask the patient if the site…show more content…
A. Hypouricemia B. Hypocalcemia C. Hypophosphatemia D. Hypokalemia 16. Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a patient experiencing myelosuppression secondary to chemotherapy for cancer treatment? A. Hypothermia B. Acute pain C. Powerlessness D. Risk for infection 17. The patient has osteosarcoma of the right leg. The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) reports that the patient's vital signs are normal, but the patient says he still has pain in his leg and it is getting worse. What assessment question should the nurse ask the patient to determine treatment measures for this patient's pain? A. "Where is the pain?" B. "Do you use medications to relieve the pain?" C. "Is the pain getting worse?" D. "What does the pain feel like?" 18. Which item would be most beneficial when providing oral care to a patient with metastatic cancer who is at risk for oral tissue injury secondary to chemotherapy? A. Hydrogen peroxide rinse B. Alcohol-based mouthwash C. Firm-bristle toothbrush D. 1 tsp salt in 1 L water mouth rinse 19. What can the nurse do to facilitate cancer prevention for the patient in the promotion stage of cancer development? A. Teach the patient to exercise daily. B. Teach the patient promoting factors to avoid. C. Tell the patient to have the cancer surgically removed now. D. Teach the patient which vitamins will improve the immune

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