Nursing, Medical and Paramedical Fields

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A Report on Nursing and Physics Nursing is a profession, belongs to members of health care team and cover vast area of science. The health care team involve the doctors, nurses, para medical staff. The whole team provide the essential care to patient, but the nurses provide the holistic nursing care to patient, and educate the patient. The nursing profession disciplines are different from other medical and paramedical discipline. The discipline of nursing is more complex based on theory, practice and research. By follow these disciplines nurses provide holistic nursing care, and the goal of nurses is the prevention of illness and maintenance of health of patients (Huda, K. & Gall, O. 1994, p. 315). The other different subject is physics which has contribution in nursing but not directly relates to the nursing. The disciplines in physics are the experimental and the theoretical. The results of physics affect the different fields. Firstly, discuss the theoretical aspect of both nursing and physics. Secondly, the practices in both field, thirdly experimental and research in both field. The theory in nursing play vital role, the procedure related to nursing based on this theory. The theory is fixed that provide the knowledge, assist nursing students to understand the nursing procedures, also helps to follow the code of ethics and standards. Futhermore theory helps in making plan for patient care based on nursing diagnosis (Parker, M.E. 2001, pp. 4-6). However the physics has
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