Essay on Nursing/Medicine Research Report Critique

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Critique of a Research Report: Comparison of Communication Outcomes in Traditional versus Simulation Strategies in Nursing and Medical Students Khaoula Louati University of Athabasca Introduction The purpose of research in nursing and medicine is to acquire knowledge that would improve nursing and medical practices. The research paper that will be critiqued is “Comparison of Communication Outcomes in Traditional versus Simulation Strategies in Nursing and Medical Students”. The aim of this critique is to evaluate the Substantive and Theoretical, Methodological, Ethical, Interpretive as well as the Presentation and Stylistic Dimensions of the research paper mentioned above. Following the evaluation of these aspects will be a…show more content…
As good as the mixed approach of methods used may be for the complementarity of the research, it has also weakened the external validity of the research. The usage of a quantitative method has caused its validity to be weak due to the usage of a fairly small sample group and the inability of a generalization to be formed ; as the aim of external validity is to form generalizations (Johnson & Christensen, 2010). However, internal validity still does exist as quantitative methods have also been included in the study, thus allowing a cause and effect relationship to be observed. The population chosen was relevant to the research problem, as it included students in both the nursing and medical field. This adds strength to the relevance of the methodological dimensions of the study. As briefly stated above, the sample size was fairly small causing the external validity of the study to be weakened. It should also be noted that the ratio of medical students to that of nursing students, within the group samples, were not equal; this could have potentially been seen as a bias (Loiselle & Profetto-McGrath, 2011) however, the study had made mention of the fact that the method used was in fact that of convenience sampling and acknowledges the limitation. (Reising, Carr, Shea, & King, 2011). The data collected was of both quantitative and qualitative nature, as the mixed method approach was the chosen method of research for
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