Nursing Metaparadigm

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Nursing Meta-Paradigms Nursing Meta-paradigm Tenets of the Meta-paradigms as defined by different theorists Nightingale describes nursing from an ecological perspective, saying that a nurse will put a patient in a way that nature acts best upon them. This is by manipulating the environment to achieve a state of health as the health of a person directly depends on the environment. Roy defines a person as being an adaptive system who keeps changing according to the external and internal system, so she uses stimuli to describe his adaptive system, which is a behavioral model; the patient has to be observed to give the best adaptive response. Watson's model is one of art and science on human caring, and it is more spiritually inspired, it instills hope and provides a supportive environment. Rodgers theory uses science creatively to better human life. It involves the energy from human and the environment when combined to, organized to peak, and maintained to promote health. Johnson's model views nursing as a service contribution to health and well being of human. Orem's model is one of self care that patients perform to maintain their well being. The patient can be educated, guided and advised on good decision by the nursing assistance. Neuman's model is focuses on reducing stress in health care system, by helping the patient to resist external stress causing factors. Leininger's theory has been achieved through maintaining culture, and diversity preservation of culture
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