Nursing : My Personal Core Values Of Nursing

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Ever since I was a little girl I had imagined myself working in the medical field. However, back then I did not have any personal drive towards this type of career path. In 2014, that all changed. On March 27, 2014, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. After five months of rigorous chemotherapy, falling behind in classes, and struggling to keep myself mentally stable, I was finally cancer-free. Those five months proved to be the most brutal, but also the most memorable. Having to be in the hospital for long periods of time had a great influence on the way I thought about nurses, and the work they do to ensure their patients’ needs were being met. This is how I found myself drawn towards a career in nursing. My personal fundamental values as an individual are kindheartedness, sincerity, family, and continuous learning. I plan on integrating these personal core values with what I believe to be the core values of nursing which are compassion, knowledge, and honesty. Patients who are shown compassion by nurses are seen to be much more relaxed in times of sickness and pain. Knowledge is important because improving knowledge is an essential to avoid mistakes and errors, delivering higher quality care for patients. Lastly, it is extremely important to comprehend the necessity of maintaining honesty and integrity in one’s practice so that the patient’s sense of self is not compromised. While I believe these to be the core values of nursing, I believe that the focus of nursing is on the

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