Nursing : My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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A nursing philosophy is the thoughts and beliefs about the job of a nurse based on one’s values. My values that have formed over the years have influenced me to purse a forever career as a nurse. I grew up in a small town Smithfield, Pennsylvania with my parents and younger brother. My community consisted of close relationships between the residents. Every one helped and cared for one another when needed. The practices of my community guided me to want to become a nurse. I want to continue to care for my community and give back to them by treating their illnesses and providing them with better health care. I am particularly interested in caring for pediatric patients. My goal is to try to provide every infant a chance to live their beautiful life created for them by God. While doing this, the primary focus of being a nurse will be to accommodate my patients and allow them to become a healthy person again. As a nurse you have to care about the patient, their health, using holistic care, and the environment. The patient is the person that comes to you for health care due to them being ill or wanting information on how to improve their health. Patients are the nurse’s main priority and their goal is to make the person feel great again. To do this, nurses care about their health and well-being. Health is your body working at it’s greatest potential. You can obtain good health by taking care of your body, eating well, exercising, and practicing a healthy lifestyle. While caring
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