Nursing Nurse At The Labor And Delivery Center At Franklin Square Hospital

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I interviewed Beth Lindung via Skype who is a RNC-OB assistant nurse manager at the Labor and Delivery center at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Beth has been a RN for 16.5 years with an emphasis in Labor and delivery 15 years. She got involved in Labor and Delivery because she never knows what her day can bring, and that excites her. Her day can vary greatly due to different circumstances and birth plans. She can come in and be put in the position of needing to be a triage nurse, ICU level nurse, OR nurse, a PACU nurse of simply a newborn nursery nurse. She decided to go into a leadership role after have having poor nurse managers and someone told her If you can do it better, Why don 't you (B. Lindung, personal communication, September 25, 2014). What she does everyday inspires me to be a greater nurse and be an advocate for women 's pre and post natal care through nursing. Franklin Square is the third largest hospital in Maryland that aims to serve the local community regardless of ability to pay. In the labor and delivery unit they serve anyone who shows up that is pregnant. This includes those that are on Medicaid. patients that self-pay, those insured under private insurance, those who are uninsured, prisoners from the local women 's correctional facility, and even refugees that go through the Baltimore Medical System program for care (personal communication, September 25, 2014). Franklin Square also offers birth control counseling, breastfeeding

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