Nursing : Nursing And Surgical Nursing Essay

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The main goal of every nursing student is to pass the National Council (of State Boards of Nursing) Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). The NCLEX-RN certifies a nurse to practice general medical procedures. However, if a nurse so wishes, he or she could then specialize in one area of nursing, and that is the area in which that nurse would make his or her career. To specialize in a certain area is to certify that a nurse is knowledgeable and capable of doing a certain job. There are hundreds of different specialties to choose from, depending on personal preferences that the nurse might have. These specialties can range from faced paced, ever changing to steady and uniform. These two extremes are great examples of Trauma Nursing and Surgical Nursing. Overview of Each Specialty Trauma Nursing Trauma nursing is one of the more fast paced specialties in nursing. A trauma nurse often have patents with a high turnover rate, so a nurse may see many different patients during a shift. There is also no real structure to the trauma nursing field. There is no telling what sort of patient a Trauma nurse may get during any given shift. However, since trauma nursing is so flexible, a trauma nurse could work in several different locations. The most common of these is in hospital emergency room but a trauma nurse can also work in ambulances, emergency helicopters, and other forms of urgent care centers. A trauma nurse will need to be able to clearly and precisely relay to the patient, the
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