Nursing Observation

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When I arrived to the ER I was paired with the nurse Megan. Since the ER used team nursing you had more than one nurse taking care of a patient. So for my first patient she had Megan doing her history and setting up her fluids. And by the end of the day the other nurse did her discharge. The first patient was L.C., 46 years old who was admitted to the ER with dizziness, complaints of being cold, head pain, and her boyfriend abusing her. Patient looked as if she was intoxicated. She knew the hospital, the president, but, not the year since she said that it was 2016. The patient was going in and out of consciousness for about an hour. After that hour when she was fully awake the patient was uncontrollably weeping. The only vital sign that was…show more content…
Before the patient got there the nurses were assigning parts of who would document, who was giving meds, and who would be doing CPR. There were 10 or more people in the room including two doctors, at least 3 nurses, EKG technician, a scribe, and obviously nursing students. Everyone was documented in the computer as to who was there and what each person was doing. The man was in his later 60’s, a large amount of comorbidities including renal failure and a brain tumor. As well as, the patient being 300 pounds so CPR was a little tougher. When he was put on the monitor the patient had a rhythm of pulseless electrical activity. Patient had three rounds of epinephrine through a port that was used since the patient was going through dialysis as well as having continuous CPR. We were told when to administer compressions and when not to. After about 15 minutes of CPR the doctor said to wait and as he watched the monitor turn into an agonal rhythm he said the patient had passed away. Everyone stopped doing what they were doing started cleaning him up. After we cleaned him up and got him covered they allowed the family to go in and say goodbye and grab his belongings. After they left we wrapped the body up and security came to take him to the
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