Nursing Of The Childbearing Family Maternity

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In the last two and a half year nursing school has been part of my life, with its difficulties and special experiences at the same time. However, this semester I was introduced to the subject of Nursing of the Childbearing Family Maternity. Our obstetrical clinical rotation was held in unit two Webber North at the DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital in downtown Detroit for a total of six weeks. Every clinical day offered many great learning experiences for me. It allowed me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and further sharpen my skills. The lectures provided by the professor in class, and information from the book, along with the real case scenarios from our clinical rotations have definitely prepared me to become a better nurse in the…show more content…
During my six weeks of clinical rotation I was able to observe a spontaneous vaginal delivery. My patient for that day was Ms. L.S who is expecting her first child. She is a twenty nine year old African American female, primigravida at 39 weeks and 3 days. In order to paint a complete picture of the scenario, information provided during my shift report from the patient’s primary nurse is incorporated into this paper. Ms. L.S. was admitted to the Labor and Delivery unit while experiencing active labor with uterine contraction every 5 minutes apart. During the obstetrician’s assessment her cervix was dilated to 4 cm. The patient had attended childbirth classes and was considered to have a low risk pregnancy. According to the patient, she wanted to have a natural childbirth without pharmacological interventions. She reported no complication during the pregnancy and also denied any other health related issues. By the time my shift started Ms. L.S. was in the second stage of labor, with uterine contractions every 2-3 minutes apart. Each contraction lasted 90 seconds. During this active phase of labor, the patient was supported by her husband at her bedside. However, she was really anxious and expressed doubt about her ability to continue because she was experiencing severe pain. This was evident by the way her body was shaking and the way she was hyperventilating.
Her nurse was
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