Nursing Of The Past And Present

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Nursing of the Past and Present Florence Nightingale, an English nurse, researcher, and statistician in the Crimean War, was without a doubt one of the pioneers in nursing practice. According to Cherry & Jacob (2012), her book, Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is Not was groundbreaking in that Nightingale’s views on sanitation and environmental modification became the standard for nursing practice (p. 12). Nightingale’s theory stresses that the health of the home/community is critical to the health of the individual because people are in direct relation to their environment. I think Nightingale’s theory is similar to the nursing theory used by nurses today, in that there is an emphasis on prioritizing patient’s basic needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy. Similarly to Nightingale’s theory, I think nurses help patients, families, and communities maintain their health by meeting their basic needs through control of the physical environment. Nightingale’s Five Health Houses In her theory Nightingale outlined five components of the physical environment that every patient needs in order to have proper health. These five components include: proper ventilation, sufficient warmth, control of odor, peace and quiet, and adequate light (Nightingale, 1860, p. 45). Fresh air can be achieved by opening windows, as stagnant air and dirty carpets and furniture breed disease and are a source of air impurity. Restoring lost heat is important and chilling should be avoided
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