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I agree with you that health literacy is a serious and real problem in the health care field. Limited health literacy affects a patient's entire health care experience. Patients with low health literacy are more likely to miss preventive measures, which will most likely require rehospitalization. It is imperative for nurses to avoid jargons and use simple language to get the message across. While Henderson’s theory supports nursing as a profession in assisting patients who are well or sick and ensuring 14 basic needs, Orem’s theory is more contemporary where a nurse engages patient in plan of care and guides the patient to be self-dependent in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Orem’s theory supports that client has the primary…show more content…
One of which is education and this includes literacy. Low levels of literacy present another dimension for health care providers, especially for nurses who are primarily responsible for patient education (Wilson, 2008). On a hospital admission questionnaire it is asked what is the patient’s highest level of education. This does not always what will be what the patient’s literacy level. It is important for the nurse to use simple literature regarding patient information along with simple teaching tools. Assessment should always be performed regarding the matter. In this case the mother understood the information and can repeat back or explain what was taught. According to Orem’s theory there are three fundamental nursing sciences: wholly compensatory, partly compensatory and supportive developmental system. In regards to the Wilson study the partly compensatory aspect of the theory would be used. It is defined as this because both nurse and mother engage in meeting the self-care needs. This is the occurrence of development and exercise of self-care agency (Meleis, 2011). The nurse and mother would have to engage in the care due to the low literacy level of the mother making sure she understands safe immunization schedules for her infant. Nicely studies Virginia Henderson’s Needs Theory. Henderson describes 14 basic human needs. One of the needs is to communicate with others. Nurses need to

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