Nursing Paper: Gerontological and Geriatric Nursing

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Nursing Paper-Gerontological & Griatric Nursing NUS 401 Assignment 18 December 2012 1. End of Life Issues and the Elderly (2) "Identify and discuss the role of the nurse in providing family centred care to an elderly client who is palliative and living at home with his/her spouse or another family member". Palliative care is an approach to provide a coordinated medical, nursing, and allied health service to address the patient's physical, social emotional and spiritual needs for people with progressive incurable illness. Palliative care seeks to deliver allied health service within the environment of person's choice to improve quality of life for both an ill person and the family or friends. In the United States, Europe and other part of the world, number of people reaching the advanced age and having the need of specialities for the management of pain control continues to increase. (Royal College of Nursing, 2004). Meanwhile, a nurse plays vital roles in providing family centred care to an elderly palliative client living at home with his or her spouse or family member. Nurses' roles to an elderly palliative client are as follows: Relief client from physical symptoms Providing quality of life-care for an elderly patient Family support Assisting the client to achieve good death or dying well Reducing client isolation, fear or anxiety Relief of social isolation Relief metal anguish Maintaining independent patient Improve quality of life for
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