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My passion for nursing was fuelled by the tragedy in my life. Having helplessly watched my mother pass away, after being diagnosed with malaria, which showed me how communication works towards patients, staff and developing relationships with them performs a big part in nursing and that made me determined to help others. My own diagnosis with tuberculosis at a young age has helped me to experience first-hand the effects that good nursing can have. Likewise, ever since my mom passed away I have taken an active role in my little sister life and took care of her from an early age has also taught me responsibilities, compromise and that has been a great experience for me to focus on. At university, I look forward to learning more about how the human body works and how it gets treated when it comes damaged. I prefer a child nursing because I adore children and believe children …show more content…

This has been excellent for my interpersonal and it has built my communication skills further. I have also contributed to charity work such as organizing events, performances at Nepalese society in Birmingham that has raised money for people who are in need. As an excellent baker, I have used my talents to raise funds for Macmillan nurses by baking cakes and successfully I raised around 200 pounds who organized and was a team leader from my form. I found this to be a great experience and taken part in many extracurricular activities, demonstrating that shows I am a well-rounded individual who also can adapt and change to new circumstances and situations, which is vital for university life. Reflecting my excellence; skills and personal experience offers me an excellent foundation to study a child nursing degree. Appreciating being challenged and continuously set new goals to achieve. I would be thrilled to study at your university, not just for me but also for my mother, who always believed in me and wanted me to follow my

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