Nursing Personnel For A Learning Needs Essay

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Teach/Learn Paper Assess Nursing Personnel for a Learning Need The target audience of this project are fifth semester nursing students of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Program at Inver Hills community College. This group of learners will be meeting the benchmark eligibility for the National Council Licensure Examination for RNs (NCLEX-RN/licensure) at the end of the semester as they complete their Associate of Science in nursing degree. The cohort contains an interesting mix of individuals at different ages across the lifespan, varying experience in the medical field as well as others who have already attained an associate/bachelor degree in other fields. In addition, a third of the cohort is moving on to Metro State University to complete the MANE BSN program, one third is seeking a more flexible BSN program, while others are planning on taking a semester off before completing their BSN. To ascertain the needs of the learners, an informal survey was done to give each individual in the clinical group an opportunity to choose a topic of interest. Three topics were chosen from the 2016 NCLEX-RN test plan and sent to clinical group via email. The learners were then asked to vote on the three topics namely: Health promotion and disease prevention, Accident, error, injury prevention and End of life care in order of first and second preference. End of life cares was the first preference among the group as they felt the need for more information in this area in preparation
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