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T. Houston Philosophy of Nursing Toi Houston The University of Texas School of Nursing In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Professional Nursing A & B NURS 3645 Jeanean Boyd, MSN, RN June 6, 2011 Online RN-BSN Nursing is a profession that is very complicated and complex. It is exciting and has so many levels to it that one can actually never get bored with it. Most times when people think about nursing they only think about someone who adjusts your pillow and calls the doctor when things go wrong. Nursing is so much deeper than that and I am still learning that fact. In this paper, I will explain why I chose nursing and where I think I will be in the next ten years. Choice of…show more content…
In five years, I want to be living on the east coast working with wounded soldiers as I am now. I think the knowledge I receive now will help me help them better. I want to also mentor young nurses in some fashion. In ten years hopefully I will have my master’s degree and teaching nursing students at a community college. I started my nursing education there and I think there will be a greater need for instructors in ten years than now. Having all bachelor prepared nurses is a goal for the profession but I think with the supply and demand of nurses now and in the future, LPN/LVN and ADN nurses will be still needed. Summary I think my strong desire to be in a position to help and teach will help me achieve my goals in my nursing career. I remember how my experience in nursing school was and how I felt the instructors were there to hinder more than help. I want to make a positive impact on nursing students and their outlook on their future nursing career. What I need to overcome to achieve my goals is better time management when it comes to preparing for classes and all the other things that are challenging my life right now. It is difficult for me right now but if I didn’t start now I think I never would have. References Chitty K.K., Black B.P. (2007). Nursing theory: The Basis for professional nursing. Professional Nursing:

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