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NURSING PHILOSOPHY, 1 NURSING PHILOSOPHY NURSING PHILOSOPHY, 2 Nursing philosophy Definitions Philosophy Philosophies encompass a multitude of value statements and beliefs. Philosophies are based on knowledge derived from reality, personal values, existence, reasoning, and relevant presentation of concepts. According to Alligood (2014), they address concepts such as person, environment, health, and nursing. Philosophies are derived from different theoretical works which affirm general ideas pertaining to those works. Philosophies are all based on individual ideas which conceptualize different views of nursing. Alligood (2014) suggests that philosophies broaden everyday views of nursing.…show more content…
Many think that it is being free from disease or simply nursing the ill back to health. Personal Thoughts and Beliefs Person The person is what I believe to be the core basis of the metaparadigm. The person as a whole is at the core of the key central element of nursing theory. I have mixed views about the Eastern and Western culture philosophies. I agree somewhat that the whole person may be greater than the sum of the parts because the person as a whole- mind, body, and soul must maintain health. Environment NURSING PHILOSOPHY 5 Environmental factors play a large role in nursing frameworks because the person may normally have good or poor health partially resulting from his or her environmental or socioeconomic factors. I believe the two entities cannot be separated due to it playing a critical role influencing outcomes. Health Health is another key concept in the metaparadigm I believe to influence nursing concept. I believe that health may include the absence of disease, but also obtaining wellness to the ill. Health exists independently from illness because it does change depending on life circumstances. Nursing The concept of nursing is the nurse helping another person. I believe the nurse’s interpersonal relationship with another person is self-directed by the nurse, such as the nurse facilitating the nursing care, but also believe the care is based on knowledge and theory

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