Essay about Nursing Philosophy

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Nursing Philosophy
Laura K
NURS 391
March 10, 2014
Sharon Thompson, RN MSN/MBA-HCM

Nursing Philosophy

“Philosophies of nursing are statements of beliefs about nursing and expressions of values in nursing that are used as bases for thinking and acting,” (Chitty & Black, 2010). Having a personal nursing philosophy can help one provide better nursing care, as well as provide an outline for living one’s personal life. Developing a personal nursing philosophy requires reflection on how one feels about nursing within four categories; personal health, patient’s health, patient’s families, and fellow healthcare professionals.
Personal Health
As healthcare professionals, registered nurses (RN) can be viewed as
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For this author, eating healthy and exercising is a constant struggle, but is still a part of this author’s philosophy.
Patients and Families
Working in the emergency department (ED) provides a plethora of personalities and behaviors. All varieties of people present to the ED, including drug seekers, suicidal patients, psychiatric patients, prisoners, and child abusers, just to name a few. As nurses, it is sometimes difficult to remain non-judgmental of these people. Regardless of this RN’s personal views of patient’s lifestyle choices, it is important to always provide safe and effective nursing care. It is important to this RN to be compassionate and empathetic to patients and their families at all times, especially when they are feeling vulnerable and scared due to their own health condition or their family member’s. As healthcare providers, we are obligated to provide this standard of care, and should be held to this standard at all times. As nurses, we need to remember why nursing was appealing to begin with, and helping others with empathy and compassion is not only an obligation, but a privilege. Fellow Healthcare Workers
The phrase “nurses eat their young” has been heard and said in all healthcare settings, and unfortunately, it tends to be true. Seasoned nurses forget what it was like to be a baby RN, with so many questions and so little experience. “Research shows that 60%
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