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Nursing is a science in which all the needs of a person are met through the proper use of the nursing process. With health care as a universal human right, it encompasses a process that involves a collaborative care of people of all ages and communities in all settings. Nursing is essential in promoting health, prevention of illness, care of the sick and disabled people in the society. Nursing advocates for the promotion of a safe environment, research, shaping health policies, education and patient health management systems. The philosophy of nursing examines the truths and ideals in nursing. It is the result of the intellectual effort to understand the relationship among people, environment and health. Nursing philosophy outlines the…show more content…
The nursing profession majorly focuses on using the element of caring, to improve the health of people within their environments. An essential theory in nursing enhances better health care offered to the patients, better communication between nurses and proper guidance, for research and education. In general, the nursing theories are used by practitioners to improve their practice. The nursing paradigms are patterns that are used to show the relationship between the concepts in the theories and practice of nursing. They are essential in developing a better understanding of the nursing profession. The meta-paradigm concept in nursing is a core-unifying element that provides a common and conducive ground for communicating between nursing theories. The nursing meta-paradigm involves research, practice, philosophy, theory, knowledge base and the wider educational experience associated with the nursing practice. There are four concepts in the nursing theory that highly influence and determine the nursing practice that include the person, the environment, health and the nursing roles, goals and functions (Rich, 2011). The person is the recipient of the care and in most cases is the patient. This care may be given to people, families and communities. The environment includes the external and internal aspects that influence the person. There is a dynamic relationship between

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