Nursing Philosophy Paper

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Philosophy Paper Seminar January 13, 2011 In this paper I will explore the elements of nursing theory and how I believe they are all tied together. I believe that a man’s health will be directly affected by his environment and his nursing care. The four elements of Nursing Theory are man, environment, health and nursing; the most important of these is man. I believe that man is a complex being, and like the fingerprint, no two are alike. Although some can be placed into subgroups based on things like sex, ethnicity, age, culture or religion; no two patients can be cared for in exactly the same manner and produce the exact same results. There are other factors to consider; which brings me to environment.…show more content…
Another element is health. It can be viewed as interior or exterior, physical or mental, or a combination of all these. In a superficial meeting with someone, your initial judgment of their health is based on what you see. A woman you work with jogs everyday and eats well-balanced meals. She is of sound mind. Generally, she is viewed as a very healthy individual. However, what if you found out that she is HIV positive? Or that she was diagnosed as having Multiple Personality disorder. Would you still view her as that same picture of health? Culture also plays a role in what we view as healthy. In our media-based society, we see 5’11” women weighing around 110 pounds on the covers of magazines and on television. This is what our society promotes as “healthy”. However, in other cultures, the bigger - the healthier - the better. Age is another factor that comes into play with health. We tend to see the elderly as being frail and unhealthy, but this isn’t always true. Although age may affect our body and it’s systems, does this mean that an 80 year old is unhealthy? I say no. I believe that health should also be individualized. A 65 year old diabetic who is well educated about his disease, maintains self control, and follows a strict medication and exercise regimen, is as healthy as that person can be. I don’t think we can compare his health to that of a 25 year old athlete for instance. Sister Callista Roy
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