Nursing Practice And Patient's Rights And Safety

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Ethical, legal and professional issues in nursing comprise of various crucial aspects. In this writing, I am going to explore on the topics; negligence in nursing practice and patient’s rights and safety, which is based on the experience of one of my friends. I chose this topic because negligence is an extremely sensitive part in nursing practice, which directly impacts standard of care, patients’ lives and reputation of the health organization. Other qualities like accountability and responsibility in nursing can also be reviewed within it.

Nurses must adhere to the professional, legal and moral guidelines otherwise it may lead to some hazardous situations hampering patients as well as care providers’ lives. My friend, on whose experience I am writing a commentary, described an incident in which a nurse administered expired medicine to the patient and was totally unaware about it. From her case narration, sequentially, I noted down some possible reasons that might be behind this error like limited staffs, inexperienced staff, hurry to finish work, pharmacist’s carelessness and ignorance of the nurse. Another vital principle of law and ethics in nursing was also mentioned in the event, which is record keeping. So I will also discuss about record keeping as an essential component is nursing profession.

Negligence is the act of doing something, which a sensible person is not likely to do. Negligence in nursing is when a completely capable nurse fails to provide a care in a…
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