Nursing Practice And Patient's Rights And Safety

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Ethical, legal and professional issues in nursing comprise of various crucial aspects. In this writing, I am going to explore on the topics; negligence in nursing practice and patient’s rights and safety, which is based on the experience of one of my friends. I chose this topic because negligence is an extremely sensitive part in nursing practice, which directly impacts standard of care, patients’ lives and reputation of the health organization. Other qualities like accountability and responsibility in nursing can also be reviewed within it. Nurses must adhere to the professional, legal and moral guidelines otherwise it may lead to some hazardous situations hampering patients as well as care providers’ lives. My friend, on whose…show more content…
In nursing, negligence can take place during the activities like history taking, examining a patient, performing a procedure, reporting, administering medicine and documentation (Ausmed education 2014). Nursing negligence also known as malpractice in nursing has been notably increased in the last few years (Morales 2016). I portray that incident as a nursing negligence because the nurse should always check the expiry date of the medicine before preparation and administration to the patient as a safety check (Institute for Safe Medication Practices 2004). This is a medication error that can be taken as an example of negligence. Medication error is defined as the mistakes related to the processes involved with the medicines like prescription, delivery, preparation and administration of the drug. It may contain the following: wrong medicine, wrong dosage, wrong method, wrong time, wrong person, and use of expired medicine (Henry & Foureur 2006). Medication error is one of the most common health concerned mistakes that directly affects patient safety and health. Though many cases are not reported, medication error has become a major drawback in nursing. A cross-sectional descriptive study conducted among 237 nurses of Iran in 2009 showed that 64.55% of nurses had made the medication error (Cheragi et al. 2013). Not only nurses, other health persons also do negligence. Like
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