Nursing Practice And The Ethics Of Care

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Nursing Practice and the Ethics of Care Kelli O’Dea Chamberlain College of Nursing Nursing 103 Spring, 2017 Nursing Practice and the Ethics of Care The ability of a nurse to combine the principles of caring and ethics, is perhaps the best medicine. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou (n.d.) This article helps nurses to understand the importance of caring and ethics in patient care. Caring is defined briefly, Jean Watsons theory of caring is explained. In addition, Joan Toronto’s four phases of caring are exemplified in a patient case scenario. Definition of…show more content…
She stresses that this type of union is remembered by the patient, as well as the nurse. Actual caring involves choices, conversations, and understanding. It defines the moment when a nurse, and a patient come together and form a relationship. Watson believes this factor of nursing enables a patient to gain control, knowledge, and make future lifestyle changes. Theory of ethics The Theory of ethics in care is described by Edwards (2009). His explanation describes the evolution of ethical and care based treatment, in three versions. First, Gilligan (1982) focuses on the context of the situation in regards to patient care vs. Impartial reflection. Impartial reflection is the moral based judgement used in patient care, which does not include closeness or caring in the relationship. Gilligan was the first to point out that we treat strangers differently than an induvial we are personally connected to. Second, Toronto (1993) acknowledged, “that if we focus on caring relationships and the relationship between power and caring practices, such as bringing up children, and caring for the sick, a radically different set of social arrangements will ensue.” (Edwards, 2009, p.233). Lastly, Gastmans (2006) explored the best way to care for a patient, at a
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