Nursing Practice History And Evolution

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Nursing Practice History and Evolution
“The story of knowledge of multiple sclerosis is like a history of medicine in miniature” (Putnam, 1938, p. 806). My story began eighteen years ago, sitting in a University of Iowa neurologist’s exam room, awaiting the results of a magnetic resonance image of my brain. I was a twenty-six year old Caucasian female from rural Iowa and a recent nursing college graduate. However, I heard the neurologist’s explanation why his assessment revealed a multiple sclerosis diagnosis for the first time. Fortunately, multiple sclerosis research, practice, and theories have seen tremendous strides while evidence-based nursing interventions and practice guidelines have advanced (Marchionni & Ritchie, 2008). Because multiple sclerosis’s personal and professional impact has been immensely important to my nursing practice, the past, present, and future of evidence-based nursing practice will be addressed.
Multiple Sclerosis History and Evolution An understanding of our past and present multiple sclerosis theory, research, and practice will help generate further evidence-based nursing practice (Alligood, 2014). The earliest documentation of multiple sclerosis was the case of Lidwina, a healthy, active, sixteen year old living in Schiedam, Holland (Murray & McDonald, 2005). In 1395, Lidwina developed an acute illness and fell breaking a rib while skating on a frozen canal (Murray & McDonald, 2005). However, she continued to display neurological

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